07 January 2010


Clueso (MySpace), real name Thomas Hübner, from Erfurt is one of the best musicians from Germany. He began performing 15 years ago at age 15, releasing his first vinyl in 1998. Clueso began as an hip-hop artist before turning to reggae and then pop.

His style now is quite sophisticated in the vein of Jason Mraz, if not better. I find his word play extraordinarily clever. Clueso's last album So Sehr Dabei was released in 2008 and was number three in the German charts for that year (a live version album was also released in 2009). All of Clueso's music are available from iTunes.

Clueso (from his MySpace)

Album cover for Weit Weg

Album cover for So Sehr Dabei

clip for 'Gewinner' from the album So Sehr Dabei

clip for 'Niemand an dich denkt ' from So Sehr Dabei

04 January 2010

Short Note

Last year, I wrote about Matt Finish.

The video clip for Short Note (1981) is now available. The song has also recently been remixed with orchestra and it is amazing - if a little sad for people like me who remember the original at the time.

There is also a clip of lead singer, Matt Moffitt's hit, 'Miss This Tonight' from his solo album As Little As A Look

Unfortunately, As Little As A Look was only released as a vinyl LP in 1986 (and possibly cassette tape) and has not been released on CD by Sony BMG, which inherited the rights from CBS Records.