13 January 2008

Matt Finish

In the 1980s, Australian guitar bands (which were mainstream, but considered to be 'alternative' these days) had a particular sound which reflected where they were formed. Matt Finish (MySpace) was formed in Sydney and had that quintessential Sydney sound.

After a few years playing the pub circuit, they released their first album Short Note in 1981 which remains a classic today. The title track 'Short Note' can be heard from MySpace (link above).

clip for 'Come On Over' (1984) from album Word of Mouth

In between breaking up and reforming a number of times, lead singer Matt Moffitt released a debut solo album in 1986 called As Little As A Look and the single 'Miss This Tonight' charted reasonably well. I had the album on vinyl LP but unfortunately lost it in a move. Today, it is a rarity.

Moffitt died suddenly in 2003 at the age of 46. RIP.

The band Matt Finish was reformed in 2006 for the "Matt Moffitt Memorial Tour". It has continued with a regularly changing line up.

Short Note (1981) is still one of my favourites. If I had to describe what Sydney sounds like as music, Short Note would still be it.

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