20 May 2008

Glasvegas - Geraldine

Another brilliant new song by Glasvegas

clip for Geraldine

Glasvegas has finally signed with a label - Columbia with their debut album due out in August or September.

06 May 2008

VHS or Beta

VHS or Beta (MySpace) is a rock/French house/dance-punk group from Louisville, Kentucky. They have an awesome sound and could have stepped out of the seventies.

Their latest album, Bring on the Comets was released in August 2007 following Night on Fire in 2004.

album cover for Bring on the Comets

Craig Pfunder, Mike McGill, Mark Guldry, Chea Beckley and Mark Paldry

clip for 'Can't Believe a Sing Word' from Bring on the Comets

live clip for 'Burn It All Down' from Bring on the Comets

clip for 'You Got Me' from Night on Fire

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